It’s Cherry Season! 43 Cherry Recipes for Breakfast, Dinner, Dessert and Even Sleep Gummies!

Cherries are a beloved summer fruit, and both sweet and tart varieties lend themselves to recipes savory and more dessert oriented. But we even have breakfast recipes and condiments! 43 cherry recipes in all, as well as the info you need for canning and freezing. How about Hummus Flatbread with Grilled Corn and Berries, Slow Cooker Chocolate Cherry Steel Cut Oatmeal, Easy Cherry Crumble, or a Classic Clafoutis? We have gluten-free recipes, and vegan, too. And, we even have Tart Cherry Sleep Gummies!

Canning Cherries

Photo credit Sustainable Cooks.

An easy step-by-step tutorial on Canning Cherries. This recipe for how to preserve cherries is perfect for beginners and experienced canners alike. Instructions include low-sugar and no-sugar options. Get the recipe.

Freezing Cherries

Photo credit Sustainable Cooks.

Learn all the tips and tricks for Freezing Cherries to stock your freezer with this amazing healthy fruit. Learning how to freeze cherries is a great way to preserve this delicious summertime crop without needing any special equipment. Get the info!

Easy Cherry Sauce

Photo credit Gwen Leron.

A simple, 5-ingredient easy cherry sauce you can use for cheesecake, ice cream, pancakes, waffles, and more! This recipe is made from frozen cherries, so you can make it year-round when fresh cherries are not available. It can also be made with fresh cherries if you prefer. Get the recipe.

Cherry Jam

Photo credit Sustainable Cooks.

Canning Cherry Jam is a delicious, low-sugar, and fresh-tasting spread for toast, yogurt, or dessert recipes. This homemade cherry jam recipe is an amazing way to preserve the harvest and is a treat for the whole family. Get the recipe.

Hummus Flatbread with Grilled Corn and Berries

Photo credit Gina Matsoukas. 

This summer inspired hummus flatbread is topped with grilled corn, berries and drizzled with a fresh roasted garlic parsley pesto. A great pre-dinner bite! Get the recipe.

Peach And Cherry Quinoa Crumble 

Photo credit Gina Matsoukas. 

This peach and cherry quinoa crumble is deliciously sweet and completely healthy with quinoa and almond flour as the topping! Eat up!

Sour Cherry Almond Crisp

Photo credit Gina Matsoukas. 

This sour cherry crisp uses fresh tart cherries and an easy gluten-free vegan topping. It’s the perfect patriotic and easy summer dessert everyone will love! Get the recipe.

Cherry Gazpacho

Photo credit Gina Matsoukas. 

This easy cherry gazpacho can be made in the blender in just a few minutes. I know people are either lovers or haters of the cold tomato soup thing. I get it. It sounds all nasty when you put it that way. But add some cherries to farm fresh tomatoes and boat load of basil and I’m not sure summer life gets better than that. Get the recipe.

Cherry-Merlot Winesicles + Orchard Sangria

cherry wine pops.
Photo credit Foodess.

I blended Ecco Domani Merlot – a soft, smooth red – with fresh, pitted cherries and poured it into popsicle molds for a frozen wine cocktail. They’ve got serious style, and I’m sure they’d be a hit at parties – not to mention a great conversation starter. And so easy!

The fresh cherries really play up the wine’s own ripe cherry flavour. Get the recipe.

Zucchini Noodles with Sausage, Cherries and Ricotta

Photo credit Gina Matsoukas. 

Zucchini noodles with sausage, cherries and ricotta is a healthier way to get your pasta fix in the summer. A delicious combination of savory and sweet.

Things I love:

#1 – Sausage. 

Save the the twss comment, I know. And I’m talking real sausage, not the chicken kind. I eat that too but greasy, pork sausage just can’t be beat. Get the recipe.

Homemade Black Cherry Ice Cream Recipe

Photo credit Scarlati Family Kitchen.

This is the BEST homemade black cherry ice cream recipe that is made with just 4 ingredients. This easy no churn ice cream recipe takes just 15 minutes to prep for a creamy and delicious treat that is perfect for Summer. Get the recipe.


Photo credit Katalin Nagy.

Cherry Clafoutis, this classic French dessert is the ultimate flan-like recipe that comes together really quickly and easily! It has a custard-like creamy texture and can be made with a great variety of fruits, eg. berries, cherry, apple, etc. This is a rustic dessert, with a homemade comfort food vibe, and probably the easiest recipe on my blog! Get the recipe.

Gluten-Free Black Forest Cake

Photo credit Dédé Wilson.

Super dark and moist gluten-free chocolate cake layers filled with fresh cherries and chocolate whipped cream. Get the recipe.

Mini Cheesecakes with Cherry Topping

mini cheesecakes.
Photo credit Foodess.

These little cheesecakes are an annual tradition. My mom makes them with a Nilla Wafer in the bottom of each muffin cup and tops them with store-bought cherry pie filling, which makes them a real breeze, but I didn’t mind the extra work to whip up a graham cracker crust and homemade topping. You can do it either way! If using Nilla Wafers (little vanilla cookies), you don’t need to pre-bake, just top with cheesecake filling and proceed.

We always freeze them – they only take about 10 minutes to thaw. Perfect to have on hand for unexpected guests. Get the recipe.

Tart Cherry Coconut Recovery Smoothie Bowl

Photo credit Gina Matsoukas. 

This tart cherry coconut recovery smoothie bowl is packed with delicious, healthy tart cherries and hydrating coconut. Add your favorite toppings and enjoy post workout! Get the recipe.

Tart Cherry Galettes


These mini Montmorency tart cherry galettes are filled with sour cherries and orange flavor to create beautiful rustic hand pies that are incredibly simple to make. Get the recipe.

Baby Kale Chicken Cherry Salad

Photo credit Gina Matsoukas. 

This baby kale chicken cherry salad highlights the best of summer fruit with easy shredded leftover chicken for a light and healthy meal. Get the recipe.

Slow Cooker Chocolate Cherry Steel Cut Oatmeal

Photo credit Gina Matsoukas. 

This slow cooker chocolate cherry steel cut oatmeal is waiting for you when you wake up in the morning. Start your day with a delicious comforting bowl for breakfast. Get the recipe.

Cherry Cobbler

Photo credit A Farmgirl’s Kitchen.

Cherry cobbler has a sweet and tart cherry pie filling and topped with a buttery, flaky homemade pie crust.

For this cherry cobbler recipe, use fresh or frozen cherries, homemade or store-bought pie crust. Cherry cobbler has an easy to make cherry pie filling that is easy to prepare and bakes up the perfect dessert in about one hour!

Homemade cherry cobbler is one of the easiest desserts to make when cherries are in season. And it’s the perfect holiday dessert or dessert for potlucks and barbecues. Grab a bag of frozen, already pitted cherries and get to baking this easy cherry cobbler recipe! Get the recipe.

Cherry Vanilla Almond Smoothie

Photo credit Gina Matsoukas. 

A high protein smoothie that tastes just like Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia. Delicious and nutritious and full of cherry vanilla flavor. Get the recipe.

Confession: The only Ben & Jerry’s flavor I’ve ever tasted is Cherry Garcia.

Fact: This smoothie tastes just like it. Get the recipe.

Goat Cheese Fried Chicken with Cherry Tarragon Sauce

Photo credit Gina Matsoukas. 

This goat cheese fried chicken with cherry tarragon sauce is crispy on the outside with a creamy goat cheese sauce and topped with tarragon tart cherries. Get the recipe.

Sheet Pan Turmeric Salmon with Cherry Sauce

Photo credit Gina Matsoukas. 
Photo credit Gina Matsoukas. 

This sheet pan turmeric salmon with a quick garlic cherry sauce and roasted broccoli is a wholesome, healthy and anti-inflammatory dinner recipe that’s super easy to put together. Get the recipe.

Tart Cherry Sleep Gummies

Photo credit Gina Matsoukas. 

Tart cherry sleep gummies are made with four simple ingredients of tart cherry juice, water, gelatin and magnesium powder to help support a restful night’s sleep. 

With no added sugar they’re a great way to help your body’s natural production of melatonin and create a calming nighttime experience. Get the recipe!

Cherry Oat Waffles

Photo credit Gina Matsoukas. 

These cherry oat waffles are like eating cherry pie for breakfast. A tart cherry pie filling is spooned on top of healthy oat flour waffles for a delicious start to your day. Get the recipe.

White Forest Cake

Photo credit Foodess.

This show-stopping cherry cake is filled with layers creamy (2-ingredient!) white chocolate mousse, whipped cream, and juicy cherry pie filling. DELICIOUS. Get the recipe.

Cherry Rhubarb Pie

Photo credit Erin Gierhart.

Cherry Rhubarb Pie is a delightful mix of tart and sweet with flavors and textures that leave you craving your next bite.

You can enjoy this pie any time of year by using frozen fruit, but it is especially delicious in late spring when it’s rhubarb season and you can get fresh produce for your homemade pie filling. Get the recipe.

Roasted Cherry Chocolate Chip Frozen Yogurt

Photo credit Gina Matsoukas. 

This roasted cherry chocolate chip frozen yogurt can be made without an ice cream maker! Get the recipe.

Butternut Squash Goat Cheese Dip with Tart Cherry Compote

Photo credit Gina Matsoukas. 

This butternut squash dip is made with goat cheese and cream cheese for a super creamy texture then topped with a festive tart cherry compote. Serve it with some pita chips for the perfect holiday appetizer! Get the recipe.

Cherry Chipotle BBQ Sauce

Photo credit Erica Walton Schwarz.

Cherry Chipotle BBQ Sauce is a sweet and tangy, finger-licking jar of awesome. Homemade barbecue sauce is easy to make and so much tastier than store-bought. Showcase your grilled burgers, chicken, and pulled pork with this beautifully balanced barbecue sauce. Ready in 15 minutes. Get the recipe.

Grilled Mahi Mahi with Cherry Chipotle Salsa

Photo credit Erica Walton Schwarz.

Fresh, grilled mahi mahi fish, topped with a kicked up cherry chipotle salsa made using fire-roasted tomatoes and garlic. Ready in minutes, this easy, healthy Grilled Mahi Mahi with Cherry Chipotle Salsa dinner is summer perfect. Get the recipe.

Chocolate Cherry Brownies

Photo credit Pastry Wishes.

Dense, fudgy, chewy, chocolate cherry brownies! These decadent brownies are a delicious combination of fresh, juicy cherries and chocolate! Get the recipe.

Amaretto Cherry Almond Cake

amaretto almond cake.
Photo credit Masala & Chai.

This Amaretto Cherry Almond Cake is made of a soft almond sponge cake with a layer of amaretto soaked cherries! Drizzled with a cherry glaze and optionally a dollop of fresh whipped cream. This dessert is light and yet, completely satisfying especially with a cup of coffee or tea. Get the recipe.

Chocolate Cherry Overnight Oats

Photo credit Elysia Cartlidge.

These Chocolate Cherry Overnight Oats are a decadent yet healthy way to start off your mornings! The chocolate and cherries form a mouthwatering combo that will keep you feeling satisfied for hours. It’s the perfect make-ahead breakfast option for the whole family! {gluten-free, vegetarian & no refined sugar}. Get the recipe.

Cherry Crisp

Photo credit I Heart Eating.

This cherry crisp recipe is made with fresh sweet cherries and has a simple oat crumble topping. The recipe can be made in ramekins or as one crisp. Get the recipe.

Chocolate Cherry Muffins

cherry chocolate muffin.
Photo credit Kristin Hayes.

Chocolate and cherries combine in these incredibly easy to make Chocolate Cherry Muffins! With bits of cherry throughout a double chocolate muffin, what’s not to love? Enjoy for a morning breakfast, on the go snack, or evening sweet treat! Get the recipe.

Tart Cherry Fudge Thumbprints

Photo credit Gina Matsoukas. 

These cherry fudge thumbprints are like a decadent brownie with a tart center, perfect for Valentine’s day or holiday baking! Get the recipe.

Carnitas Lettuce Wraps with Cherry Peach Salsa

Photo credit Gina Matsoukas. 

These carnitas lettuce wraps are filled with the Pioneer Woman’s carnitas and a fresh cherry, peach salsa. Get the recipe.

Barley Kale and Cherry Salad

Photo credit Gina Matsoukas. 

This barley kale and cherry salad is tossed with toasted walnuts for a hearty and healthy summer side dish. Get the recipe.

Easy Cherry Crumble

Photo credit Kitchen Treaty.

Sweet, juicy cherry pie filling covered with a golden buttery brown lid. The ultimate easy fruit dessert! Best served with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream. Get the recipe.

Tart Cherry Ginger Muesli Yogurt Bowls

Photo credit Gina Matsoukas. 

These breakfast yogurt bowls are topped with a tart cherry ginger muesli. 

Loaded with oats, almonds, cacao nibs, ginger, dried tart cherries and warm spices. With a swirl of cherry sauce, it’s a tasty and nutritious way to start the day. Get the recipe.

Chilled Cherry Fennel Soup

Photo credit Gina Matsoukas. 

This chilled cherry fennel soup is just slightly sweet with a tangy fennel and dill flavor.

This weekend epitomized summer. 

There was a beer, bourbon and bacon fest that was attended which meant lots of boozing in the sun with friends, delicious bbq consumed afterwards and a stop at a local ice cream joint to cap the day off, an 8pm walk around the neighborhood with the pup in flip flops and 30 minutes spent outside on the deck pitting cherries. Get the recipe.

Cherry Faux-Ito

Photo credit Gina Matsoukas. 

This cherry faux-ito is like a cherry mojito without the rum (a virgin cherry mojito) for a refreshing summer drink using sweet ripe cherries. Get the recipe.

Frozen Chocolate Cherry Bars

Photo credit Gina Matsoukas.

These frozen chocolate cherry bars are a healthy, protein packed summer treat. They’re paleo and gluten free too! Get the recipe.

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