18 Brownies and Bars That No One Will Guess are Gluten-Free

We all love a good brownie, blondie or bar, but what about if you are eating gluten-free? No problem! We have chocolaty, fruity, nutty, moist, incredibly delicious recipes for you – 18 in all. And they are easy to make, perfect for bake sales, and tucking into a lunchbox. Get ready for Nutella Brownies, Espresso Bars, Cranberry White Chocolate Blondies, Toasted Almond Coconut Fudge Brownies, and many more! All gluten-free, but no one would ever guess!

Chocolate Cream Cheese Brownies

Photo credit: Dédé Wilson.

Gluten-free but you would never know it. A rich chocolate brownie, swirl with lactose free cream cheese filling. These actually freeze really well, and we happen to also like eating them when they’re super cold. Try it. Get the recipe for Chocolate Cream Cheese Brownies!

Nutella Brownies

Photo credit: Dédé Wilson.

This recipe is one of those baking recipes that you can prep in the time it takes for the oven to preheat. If you think baking is hard and long and complicated, this recipe might change your mind. Homemade Nutella is swirled into brownie batter for an out-of-this-world treat. Get the recipe for Nutella Brownies.

Espresso Bars

Photo credit: Dédé Wilson.

These Espresso Bars that are deeply coffee flavored and beloved by discerning adults. They have a little bits of chocolate in them, too. Get the recipe for Espresso Bars.

Mocha Chocolate Chunk Bars with Whiskey Salted Caramel

Photo credit: Dédé Wilson.

I know the title is a mouthful, and actually, I was going to add “Browned-Butter” to the beginning of the title because that is the basis for these coffee/chocolate/toffee-like/caramel/whiskey-enhanced blondies. They are OUT OF THIS WORLD. Seriously, even though the images are pretty mouthwatering, they pale in comparison to biting into one of these Mocha Chocolate Chunk Bars with Whiskey Salted Caramel. Get the recipe for Mocha Chocolate Chunk Bars with Whiskey Salted Caramel.

Mint Brownies

Photo credit: Dédé Wilson.

A chocolate brownie base, a creamy mint filling and a rich ganache glaze. Make these NOW! Get the recipe for Mint Brownies.

One-Bowl Brownies

Photo credit: Dédé Wilson.

That’s right! Whip these cocoa filled brownies in one bowl before the oven even has time to preheat. Get the recipe for One-Bowl Brownies.

Espresso Cream Cheese Brownies

Photo credit: Dédé Wilson.

Espresso Cream Cheese Brownies are for coffee lovers! They begin with a dark chocolate brownie base, which is then crowned with an espresso flavored lactose-free cream cheese swirl. Powdered instant espresso gives a serious shot of deep, rich coffee flavor. I offer you a range of instant coffee amounts: if you are a fan of dark roast coffee, go for the larger amount. Get the recipe for Espresso Cream Cheese Brownies.

Toasted Almond Coconut Fudge Brownies

Photo credit: Dédé Wilson.

Yes, These Toasted Almond Coconut Fudge Brownies Are as Fabulous as They Sound. They use almond flour, so they are gluten-free, but we took it a step further and toasted the coconut and the almond flour together before incorporating into the batter and the results are to die for. Get the recipe for Toasted Almond Coconut Fudge Brownies.

Cranberry White Chocolate Blondies

Photo credit: Dédé Wilson.

Cranberry White Chocolate Blondies for Everyone! Some folks think that blondies are brownies poor cousin. Nothing could be further than the truth, especially when they are flavor packed with white chocolate. Get the recipe for Cranberry White Chocolate Blondies.

Pumpkin Spice Mocha Latte Blondies

Photo credit: Dédé Wilson.

Yup, this recipe has all the flavors that you love in your favorite coffee-shop drink: cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cloves and/or allspice and espresso. The mocha part comes from the combination of coffee and chocolate, in this case miniature chocolate chips. Get the recipe for Pumpkin Spice Mocha Latte Blondies.

Browned Butter Maple Nut Bars

Photo credit: Dédé Wilson.

This bar is super easy and starts with browning butter on top of the stove. The nuts are added to the butter so that they are toasted right in the browned butter for maximum flavor. Maple syrup is the sweetener highlighted here. Make sure that you use pure maple syrup. Get the recipe for Browned Butter Maple Nut Bars.

Decadent Chocolate Brownies

Photo credit: Dédé Wilson.

The Ultimate Brownies Decadent Chocolate Brownies. Did the title pull you in? We try to keep a balance here in the Test Kitchen bringing you recipes that work for busy weeknights that suit the entire family’s nutritional needs while also recognizing that sometimes you want a recipe for a classic that used to be part of your repertoire pre-gluten-free. Get the recipe for Decadent Chocolate Brownies.

Black & White Brownies

Photo credit: Dédé Wilson.

Dark chocolate and white chocolate packed into a simple brownie base. Quick to whip up. Get the recipe for Black & White Brownies.

PB & J Cream Cheese Brownies

Photo credit: Dédé Wilson.

Seriously… these are insanely good. You may have to arm wrestle the kids (or the kid in you) for these. Okay, so instead of arm wrestling you can just make a batch of the next brownies for everyone! Get the recipe for PB & J Cream Cheese Brownies!

Chocolate Peppermint Brownies

Photo credit: Dédé Wilson.

These Chocolate Peppermint Brownies are made up of a layer of chocolaty walnut brownie, topped with a creamy layer of peppermint frosting and crowned with a ganache glaze, sprinkled with red and white peppermint candy. Get the recipe for Chocolate Peppermint Brownies.

One-Bowl S’Mores Brownies

Photo credit: Dédé Wilson.

I developed our One-Bowl S’Mores Brownies in response to the huge popularity of the S’More Chocolate Chunk Cookies. In this recipe you can make this jam-packed brownie in one microwave-safe bowl and the result is a moist cocoa-rich brownie topped with mini-marshmallows, milk chocolate and graham crackers –and this recipe happens to also be gluten-free. Get the recipe for One-Bowl S’Mores Brownies.

Chocolate Chunk Blondies

Photo credit: Dédé Wilson.

These “blonde” Chocolate Chunk Nut Blondies are not a mere pale version of Brownies. Blondies are a brown sugar rich, chewy bar packed with bittersweet chocolate, pecans and walnuts. Get the recipe for Chocolate Chunk Blondies.

Pumpkin Swirl Cheesecake Brownies

Photo credit: Dédé Wilson.

This Pumpkin Swirl Cheesecake Brownies recipe is based upon our classic vanilla and chocolate version – and that was based upon a recipe from the bakery Robin and I had in the 1980s! Great recipes never die. They get reinvented! This recipe has a dark chocolate brownie base and swirls of lightly spiced lactose-free pumpkin cheesecake batter throughout. Sweet, a bit tangy, smooth, rich and creamy. Get the recipe forPumpkin Swirl Cheesecake Brownies.

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