Editorial Policy & Contributor Guidelines

Editorial Policy

Shift Works Partners LLC was founded in 2017 and currently encompasses two digital brands, FODMAP Everyday® and The Queen Zone™.

Our goal is to entertain and inform across various topics within lifestyle, health, fitness, arts, entertainment, science, tech, and trending news sectors.

Our editorial policy is designed to uphold the highest standards of journalism and professionalism.


We prioritize accuracy and credibility by fact-checking and verifying information from reliable sources. Additionally, we emphasize balance and fairness, presenting multiple perspectives when applicable, and distinguishing between reporting and opinion pieces.


Editorial independence is paramount; our content remains uninfluenced by advertisers, stakeholders, or external parties. In cases where articles are created or sponsored by third parties, we provide clear disclosures.

intellectual Property Rights

We also maintain a commitment to originality, respecting intellectual property rights and strictly prohibiting plagiarism while continuously ensuring the uniqueness of our content. Ethics and privacy are central to our values, as we ensure that our articles and opinion pieces do not infringe on individuals’ privacy, promote hate speech, or engage in discrimination.


Transparency is vital; our ownership, affiliations, and potential conflicts of interest are public knowledge, and we promptly acknowledge and correct inaccuracies or errors in our content. User engagement is encouraged through our feedback forms, article comments, and social media accounts, fostering a respectful community.


We actively embrace diversity and inclusion, valuing diverse backgrounds and perspectives while promoting equity within our organization. Editorial opinions expressed by our writers do not necessarily reflect management’s views, but we uphold their right to express themselves.

Fact Checking

Our editorial teams diligently review and fact-check content before publication. If we make a mistake we will issue a correction.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our content please email us at contact@thequeenzone.com and put the term EDITORIAL QUESTION in the subject line.

Contributor Guidelines

We created The Queen Zone™ as a platform to amplify the voices and experiences of women and those that identify as women. Our content mix is made up of original content written by our in-house writers, syndicated content from sources we trust and respect and contributor content.

If you are a writer, journalist, artist, or creator with something to say, we would like to hear it. And we may want to share it through The Queen Zone™ platform.

Type Of Content We Are Seeking

We are interested in original and syndicated articles, art, poetry, and video contributions on topics relevant to women, about women and by women.

Original Content

This content is created specifically for The Queen Zone™ – and has not appeared anywhere else. After it has been submitted and accepted, the IP becomes property of The Queen Zone™, and is subject to this contract.

Syndicated Content

This content has been published previously and you retain the rights to republish the content elsewhere. We follow all syndication attribution guidelines as set forth in the CC BY 2.0 DEED Attribution 2.0 Generic

Contact Us

If you would like to learn more and contribute to The Queen Zone™ please email us at contact@thequeenzone.com and put CONTRIBUTOR INQUIRY in the subject line.