39 Mouthwatering Chicken, Turkey & Even Duck Burgers!

How about a Roasted Garlic Chicken Ranch Burger, or Turkey Smashburger? Or try a Duck Burger with homemade cherry ketchup, or a Pesto Mozzarella Turkey Burger, or Guacamole Turkey Burgers with Pepper Jack Cheese? If you need burger inspiration, you are in the right spot.

The BEST Juicy Turkey Burger

Turkey burger.
Photo credit: Dédé Wilson.

Are you a burger lover looking for a lower fat option? Our Turkey Burgers are right up your alley! Easy to make and everyone loves them; make them for the family or even guests. Get the recipe.

Korean BBQ Grilled Chicken Burger

Photo credit: Debs.

This spicy Korean grilled chicken burger is the healthy answer to BBQ. Brushed with a honey-kissed Korean BBQ sauce, topped with a fresh crunchy vegetable coleslaw on a bed of avocado to keep it all light and healthy. Get the recipe.

Cranberry Brie Turkey Burger

Photo credit: Melissa.

These Cranberry Brie Turkey Burgers are the perfect gourmet fall holiday burger recipe to enjoy for lunch or dinner. This burger is so delicious you will want to make it all year round. Get the recipe.

Sweet & Spicy Turkey Burgers

turkey burger.
Photo credit: Julia Boebel-Jolliff.

Sweet and Spicy Turkey Burgers are perfect for tailgating season. These turkey burgers combine ground turkey, spices, roasted mini sweet peppers, spicy pepper jack cheese and creamy guacamole sandwiched between King’s Hawaiian’s Hamburger Buns. Get the recipe.

Pesto Mozzarella Turkey Burgers

Photo credit: Jessica Mode.

These turkey burgers are filled with Italian flavors like pesto mayonnaise, sun-dried tomato, and fresh mozzarella cheese. This recipe is perfect for busy weeknights because the burger patties cook on the grill in under 10 minutes. Get the recipe.

Buffalo Turkey Burgers

Photo credit: Homemade on A Weeknight.

You know how much I love a good burger. And I am a a huge fan of taking classic flavor combinations and turning them in to a delicious burger. That is what I have done with these Buffalo Turkey Burgers. The huge flavors of buffalo chicken with blue cheese dressing piled high on a homemade turkey patty with fresh veggies. Get the recipe.

Turkey Smashburgers

turkey burger.
Photo credit: Homemade on A Weeknight.

Smashburgers are pretty popular these days – and with good reason. They are classic diner style burgers made from layering up smaller patties with cheese and piling on all the good burger toppings. As a result of the cooking methods for making these burgers you get these delightful crispy bits of both burger and cheese to add texture to the burger as a whole. Most commonly, smashburgers are made with ground beef but for this recipe I wanted to try something a little bit different and go for some ground turkey. So here is it – my recipe for Turkey Smashburgers – complete with bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion. Get the recipe.

Healthy Ground Chicken Feta Burgers with Spinach

chicken feta burger.
 Photo credit: Elysia Cartlidge.

Looking for a healthy chicken burger recipe? These Chicken Feta Burgers with roasted garlic and spinach are one of my all-time favorite recipes because they’re so juicy, healthy and loaded with Greek flavors. Serve these ground chicken burgers up at your next gathering and everyone will be requesting the recipe — guaranteed! They’re so quick and easy to prep! {Low carb & gluten-free}. Get the recipe.

Healthy Zucchini Turkey Burgers

healthy burger.
Photo credit: Alex Evink.

Looking for the best healthy turkey burger recipe? These lean zucchini turkey burgers are juicy, moist, super easy to make and packed full of delicious zesty flavour! Made without breadcrumbs or egg, you can whip these veggie loaded burgers together in less than 30 minutes for a quick lunch or dinner for busy weeknights! {Paleo, gluten-free, keto, & low carb}. Get the recipe.

Grilled Turkey Burger

 Photo credit: Lilly Pierce.

With just a few simple ingredients and some helpful tips, these delicious and juicy Grilled Turkey Burgers are sure to become one of your go-to grilling recipes.  We love to fix these for family dinners during the warm spring and summer months.

Try this recipe for a leaner burger with a tasty change of flavor from beef.  I love to serve them with air fryer potato wedges or beer battered onion rings. Get the recipe.

Guacamole Turkey Burgers with Pepper Jack Cheese

Guac burger.
Photo credit: Lisa Sokolowski.

You’ll never say turkey burgers are boring again after you make this Guacamole Turkey Burgers with Pepper Jack Cheese recipe. Fresh burgers, fresh guac, and spicy cheese. It’s delicious. Get the recipe.

Grilled Turkey Burgers With Onions

Photo credit: Lisa Sokolowski.

I made turkey burgers and topped each one with a slice of onion and froze them. We just had them tonight at dinner. My husband grilled them and said that he liked the built in dimple in the press. He said it made the burgers stay flat so that they cooked evenly. And my mom must have told me at least three times how much she was enjoying her burger. Get the recipe.

Karaage Chicken Sliders

Photo credit: Kathleen Higashiyama.

Karaage Chicken Sliders are savory mini sandwiches featuring crispy Japanese fried chicken, spicy mayo, and tangy slaw on a sweet Hawaiian roll. Make them for your next get-together with family and friends or enjoy them for a light weeknight dinner. Get the recipe.

Roasted Garlic Chicken Ranch Burgers

Photo credit: Jennifer L Johnson.

With a new twist on burgers, these Roasted Garlic Chicken Ranch Burgers are perfect for your summer cookout!  I loved using the ground chicken to make a tasty burger like this!! Burgers are a favorite but lightening it up with chicken is nice to do sometimes! Get the recipe.

Pulled Chicken Burgers

Pulled chicken burger.
Photo credit: Kathleen Higashiyama.

BBQ Pulled Chicken Burgers feature tender, slow cooked pulled chicken dressed in tangy BBQ sauce with crunchy coleslaw on buttery brioche buns. Enjoy them for an easy weeknight dinner or make them as sliders or sandwiches for game day! Get the recipe.

Turkey Smash Burger

Photo credit: Kate Reeder.

Turkey smash burgers are ridiculously easy to make and oh-so-good. In case you haven’t had one before, a smash burger is a seasoned burger patty that is “smashed” during the cooking process with a cast iron press or spatula to give deliciously crunchy, browned edges.

Here we have the same famous, buttery, crispy smash burger, but make it turkey. Topped with melty gouda cheese, crunchy lettuce, juicy tomato, and tangy burger sauce sandwiched between a soft, brioche bun. Get the recipe.

Ground Chicken Burgers with Spicy Tzatziki

Photo credit: Carol.

Ground Chicken Burgers with Spicy Tzatziki is a tasty and healthful way to spice up your summer burger routine! Zucchini and feta cheese take these burgers over the top with Greek-inspired flavor! Serve with my Mediterranean Chopped Salad or eggplant fries on the side! Get the recipe.

Turkey Spinach Feta Burgers

Photo credit: Kimber Matherne.

Ground turkey gets a fantastic, flavor-packed makeover in these super easy and delicious Turkey Spinach Feta Burgers. The healthy veggie and cheese packed patties can be prepped and cooked in just 20 minutes, making dinner time quick and tasty for the entire family. No matter how you choose to serve them, these Greek seasoned burgers are sure to be a hit with kids and adults alike. Get the recipe.

Turkey Burger Sliders

Photo credit: Kimber Matherne.

When you need a winning, family friendly meal in a hurry, try these delicious turkey burger sliders. Simple pantry staples, slider buns, ground turkey, and your family’s favorite toppings make a 20 minute meal that everyone from the kids to the adults will want to dig into. Get the recipe.

Turkey Burger with Caramelized Onions, Melted Brie, Sun-dried Tomato Mayo, Bacon and Arugula

Photo credit: Lauren from Scratch.

Juicy turkey burger piled with caramelized onions, melted brie cheese, tangy sun-dried tomato mayo, crisp bacon, and peppery arugula make for the BEST turkey burger I’ve ever had. Sandwich it all between a pretzel bun, and prepare for the best turkey burger of your life. Get the recipe.

Chicken Cheese Burger

Photo credit: Janie Inguito.

Switch up your burger game with this delicious chicken cheese burger recipe topped with grilled mushrooms and onions. Perfect for the whole family for lunch or dinner! Get the recipe.

Crispy Chicken Burgers

Photo credit: Piper Cooks.

These fried chicken burgers have a spiced crispy coating and are juicy and tender on the inside, making them the perfect crispy chicken sandwich. Get the recipe.

Hot Honey Fried Chicken Sandwiches

Photo credit: Kate Phillips.

Super crispy, juicy fried chicken drizzled with sweet, spicy hot honey, sandwiched between a soft brioche bun? These hot honey fried chicken sandwiches might just be the ultimate crowd-pleasing comfort food I know you’ll love. Get the recipe.

Southwest Ground Chicken Burgers

Photo credit: Valerie Brunmeier.

This recipe for Southwest Ground Chicken Burgers turns lean ground chicken into juicy, flavorful chicken burgers with a Southwest twist. They’re loaded with sautéed onions, diced green chiles and topped with a smoky burger sauce that will knock your socks off! Get the recipe.

BBQ Turkey Burgers

Photo credit: Heather Englund.

Healthy homemade BBQ turkey burgers perfect for summertime eating! These turkey burgers are flavor packed with BBQ sauce, green onion and held together with a little gluten free oat flour. You’ll love these for an easy dinner, or to meal prep for the week! They can be cooked inside on the stove, or added onto the BBQ. Get the recipe.

Best Chicken Burgers

Photo credit: Dana Sandonato.

The best chicken burger recipe comes with juiciness and tons of flavor! It’s easy, adaptable, and will change your mind about chicken burgers. Get the recipe.

Best Turkey Burger Recipe

Photo credit: Dana Sandonato.

We’re calling this the best turkey burger recipe for good reason! These patties are juicy, tender and perfectly seasoned. Get the recipe.

The Best Air Fryer Turkey Burgers with Spinach and Feta

Photo credit: Mary Smith.

Juicy, savory, and delicious ground turkey, feta, spinach, and spices make these air fryer turkey burgers a healthy, flavorful option that you’ll want to make on repeat. Simple ingredients and 20 minutes are all you need to cook fresh (or frozen!) turkey burgers for a delicious, easy, and healthy meal! Get the recipe.

Crispy Air Fryer Chicken Burgers

Photo credit: Michelle James.

If you love easy dinners with simple ingredients then look no further than these Chicken Burgers In The Air Fryer. With very little prep and cook time, these air fryer ground chicken burgers are a healthy meal that the whole family will enjoy. Get the recipe.

Sun-dried Tomato Spinach Turkey Burgers

Photo credit: Kari Schweigert Peters.

These Sun-dried Tomato Spinach Turkey Burgers are super flavorful and easy to make for weeknight meals. They’re also great for meal prepping healthy lunches for the workweek. Get the recipe.

Duck Burgers with Cherry Ketchup

duck burger.
Photo credit: Joanne Stekler.

These duck burgers with cherry ketchup are a delicious alternative to a traditional beef burger. With just 30 minutes of active time and your favorite condiments, you can make juicy duck burger patties that will be your new go-to for a mouthwatering and memorable meal.

This duck burger recipe is a tribute to the fabulous duck burgers from Tilth. Until recently, Tilth was a Seattle restaurant owned by James Beard Award-winning chef Maria Hines. The cherry ketchup, on the other hand, is entirely my own creation. Get the recipe.

Gourmet Turkey Burgers with Hollandaise Sauce

Photo credit: Caroline Lindsey.

These juicy, aromatic gourmet turkey burgers topped with tomato, avocado, and Hollandaise sauce will make you feel like you’re relaxing at an outdoor cafe! Get the recipe.

Chicken Fajita Burgers

Fajita burger.
Photo credit: Stacie Vaughan.

The burger is hot, juicy and full of flavour. I love all the textures – it’s a party in your mouth! You have the soft, fresh Dempster’s Hamburger Bun (the softest ever!) keeping it all together, a spicy chicken burger with melted cheese and soft, grilled peppers and onions. There’s a whole lot of YUM going on here. Get the recipe.

Fried Buttermilk Chicken Burger With Sriracha Slaw

fried chicken burger.
Photo credit: Rebecca Foxley.

If you’re looking for the ultimate fried buttermilk chicken burger, this recipe won’t disappoint. Marinated chicken coated in a special seasoned flour and fried to perfection. This crispy southern fried chicken burger is then topped with a homemade Sriracha mayo in toasted Brioche Buns. Get the recipe.

Smashed Turkey Burgers with Cranberry Sauce

Photo credit: Rebecca Foxley.

My ultimate smashed Turkey burgers are better that anything you will find in fast food restaurants and will make the whole family smile. I have packed in cranberry sauce, stuffing, bacon and brie for an alternative loaded burger with a roast dinner twist! Get the recipe.

Spinach Feta Chicken Burgers

Photo credit: Nicole Masson.

These Spinach Feta Chicken Burgers are packed with lean meat and fresh ingredients. They come together in just 20 minutes, making them the perfect quick and easy meal for any night of the week. Get the recipe.

Teriyaki Turkey Burgers

Photo credit: Carla Cardello.

Fire up the grill (or stovetop) for these Teriyaki Turkey Burgers with pineapple and pickled red onion! Finish it off with a pineapple teriyaki sauce for a sweet and savory note. Get the recipe.

California Turkey Burgers

Photo credit: Lauren Kenson.

Stacked high with fresh avocado, crisp tomatoes, and a simple pesto spread. Yuhhh-UM.

Bite into a hearty, herb-flecked burger bursting with classic Mediterranean flavors (like basil, parsley, lemon, onion, and garlic) without even having to fire up the grill. These lean, juicy, pan-fried patties are positively packed with flavor and protein.

And the whole recipe comes together in under 30 minutes. Which means a last-minute meal you can throw together on a whim, all while making it look like you had an awesomely delicious dinner planned all along. Get the recipe.

Buffalo Chicken Burger

Photo credit: Diana.

This Buffalo Chicken Burger is a juicy, flavorful alternative to hamburgers that will have everyone’s mouth watering! Spicy chicken burgers seasoned with buffalo sauce are loaded with a creamy ranch coleslaw topping before filling sweet, soft brioche buns. You can grill these burgers, or make them on the stove, so Buffalo Chicken Burgers are simple to make at any time of the year. Get the recipe.

The Ultimate Veggie Burger Collection: 33 Recipes to Satisfy Every Craving

best veggie burger.
Photo credit: Allie Petersen.

We’ve got 33 bean, legume and grain based, portobello mushroom burgers, tempeh and tofu, even falafel burgers, veggie takes on Whoppers, Big Macs, and Morningstar copycat burgers. Whether you are grilling, or creating in the kitchen for a weeknight meal, these veggie burgers will satisfy. Click for The Ultimate Veggie Burger Collection: 33 Recipes to Satisfy Every Craving

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