The Ultimate Family Trip: 20 Amazing Animal Sanctuaries You Can visit In The U.S.!

Time for a new kind of vacation! Here’s a list of the top 20 animal sanctuaries in the United States that welcome visitors. A perfect family trip. These sanctuaries provide a safe haven for a variety of animals, including domestic, wild, and farm animals. Each sanctuary has its unique mission and set of animals it cares for, offering educational tours and opportunities to learn more about animal welfare and conservation.

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary – Kanab, Utah

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Home to over 1,600 animals including cats, dogs, pigs, horses, and birds. Go for a visit!

The Elephant Sanctuary – Tennessee

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Provides a natural habitat refuge for retired captive elephants.

Wolf Conservation Center – New York

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Works to protect and preserve wolves in North America.

Chimp Haven – Louisiana

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A sanctuary providing care for over 300 chimpanzees retired from research laboratories.

The Wild Animal Sanctuary – Keenesburg, Colorado

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refuge for large carnivores such as lions, tigers, bears, and wolves.

Big Cat Rescue – Tampa, Florida

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Dedicated to abused and abandoned big cats.

Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary – South Dakota

Wild horses.
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Focuses on the preservation of America’s wild horses.

Animal Place – Grass Valley, California

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One of the oldest and largest sanctuaries for farm animals in the U.S.

Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch – Texas

Image credit R.S.H Photoshoots via Shutterstock.

sanctuary for nearly a thousand animals, from farm animals to exotics.

Pigs Peace Sanctuary – Washington

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Specializes in the rescue of pigs from various backgrounds.

Pebble Cove Farm – Orcas Island, Washington

Image credit Dewald Kirsten via Shutterstock.

sanctuary with a variety of farm animals and offers waterfront accommodations.

Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary – Ohio

Image credit Rita_Kochmarjova via Shutterstock.

Rescues, rehabilitates, and re-homes abused and abandoned farm animals.

The Gentle Barn – California, Missouri, Tennessee

Emu. Gently Barn.
Image credit Cassandra Cury via Shutterstock.

Rescues, rehabilitates animals, and teaches people kindness and compassion.

Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge – North Carolina

Piedmont goat.
Image credit Al More via Shutterstock.

Provides a sanctuary for farm animals rescued from exploitation and abuse.

Farm Sanctuary – Watkins Glen, New York; Acton, California

Cow at Farm Sanctuary.
Image credit Clara Bastian via Shutterstock.

Focuses on rescued farm animals and promotes compassionate vegan living.

Woodstock Farm Sanctuary – High Falls, New York

Woodstock rabbit.
Image credit thebigland via Shutterstock.

Offers shelter to farm animals rescued from neglect and abuse.

Catskill Animal Sanctuary – Saugerties, New York

Pig catskills.
Image credit Alina Stirbu via Shutterstock.

haven for farm animals and promotes veganism.

Aimee’s Farm Animal Sanctuary – Arizona

Image credit photomaster via Shutterstock.

Focuses on neglected, special needs animals and promotes a vegan lifestyle.

These sanctuaries not only provide care and rehabilitation for animals but also offer educational programs to raise awareness about animal welfare and conservation efforts. Visiting these sanctuaries can be a deeply moving and educational experience, offering insights into the lives of animals and the importance of protecting them.

Sloth Sanctuary – Costa Rica

Image credit Manamana via Shutterstock.

We know this isn’t in the United States but c’mon… SLOTHS! Who doesn’t want to hang out with sloths? Worth the trip! Dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and research of sloths.

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