12 Unusual Hobbies Americans Are Spending A Lot Of time On

As Americans seek new and exciting ways to spend their leisure time, various unusual hobbies are capturing their interest. 

In a recent study, 67% of respondents report having multiple hobbies. 18% said they just have one real hobby that they practice or participate in regularly. And 15% said they don’t have any hobbies.

85% of overall respondents consider having hobbies to be important. However, 62% agree that they can also be time-consuming. And 63% said that they wish they had more time for hobbies in their lives. Where do you fall within this range? 

Some unique hobbies gaining popularity in the U.S. include:


Aquatecture aquarium.
Image credit Tatiana Gordievskaia via Shutterstock.

This involves designing and building elaborate aquariums, which is expected to gain popularity in 2024. According to Pinterest Trends “It’s time to trade up the fishbowl. This year, Gen X and Millennials will become undersea gardeners and go all in on ‘small aquarium designs’ and over-the-top ‘turtle terrariums.’ In 2024, aquatic architecture will be the hot new way to style a home. Your guppies will be living large. “


Image credit kosolovskyy via Shutterstock.

Beekeeping is becoming increasingly popular as people seek to engage with nature and contribute to environmental sustainability. 


pottery wheel.
Image credit IRA_EVVA via Shutterstock.

Pottery is a creative outlet that involves shaping and molding clay into various forms. It is gaining popularity as a hobby for relaxation and self-expression.

Creative Writing

Mom and daughter writing.
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With the rise of online platforms and social media, creative writing is becoming a popular hobby for those who enjoy storytelling and self-expression. And anyone can do it! Encourage the kids.


couple dancing.
Image credit tarczas via Shutterstock.

Various forms of dance, such as Latin dancing, are gaining popularity as a fun and engaging way to stay active and socialize.

Soap Making

Soap making.
Image credit LightField Studios via Shutterstock.

Making your own soaps, for yourself or as gifts – or even to start a small business – is easy to learn and allows for loads of creativity with ingredients, colors, shapes, and scents.

Virtual Problem-Solving Games

Playing online games.
Image credit wellphoto via Shutterstock.

These games provide a mental challenge and are becoming popular as a hobby for those who enjoy puzzles and problem-solving. They can be performed online or in person, and are great for groups, too. Schools are even using them as a way to build camaraderie for students.

Candle Making

Candle making.
Image credit ilona.shorokhova via Shutterstock.

This hobby involves creating scented candles using wax, wicks, and essential oils. It is a unique and creative outlet that is gaining popularity but is certainly not new. We live in the Pioneer Valley in Massachusetts and are well aware of local lore. Sixteen-year-old Mike Kittredge was too broke to buy his mother a Christmas present in 1969, so he melted some crayons to make her a candle. A neighbor saw it and convinced Mike to sell the candle to her. With that small stake, he bought enough wax to make two candles — one for his mom, and another to sell. That was the birth of Yankee Candle, which Kittredge eventually sold for $600 million to a private equity firm, in the late 1990s. Not bad.


Weaving on loom.
Image credit Andrey Kozachenko via Shutterstock.

Weaving involves creating fabric from yarns and threads. It is a unique skill that requires practice but offers endless creative possibilities. There are even portable looms that you can take with you, wherever you go.


Woman sand boarding.
Image credit fokke baarssen via Shutterstock.

Sandboarding is similar to snowboarding but takes place on sand dunes. It is a thrilling outdoor hobby that is gaining popularity. When we first heard about it, out first thought was wondering about the safety of the dunes themselves. Turns out that even the National Park Service has approved locations!


Image credit www.mariomartija.es via Shutterstock.

Spelunking, or caving, involves exploring caves and is a unique outdoor hobby that requires specialized equipment and skills.


Image credit Ramil Gibadullin via Shutterstock.

One of a few yarn-based hobbies, crochet has had a huge recent surge of interest, with free patterns proliferating all over the web. It’s benefits include having a low cost entry point, it stimulates creativity, analytical skills are used for reading patterns, and you get to have a tangible item at the end. Deb Walker, director of Michael’s, a large crafting chain, says, “a $5 skein of yarn, a $5 hook and you can make a scarf, a hat, you name it. It gives that sense of being able to approach it and jump into the category.”

The Takeaway

Couple making candles.
Image credit Monkey Business Images via Shutterstock.

The rise of hobbies like aquatecture, beekeeping, and spelunking reflects a broader trend towards diverse and enriching leisure activities in America. These hobbies offer a wealth of opportunities for personal growth, community engagement, and creative expression. By highlighting their importance and the joy they bring, we can lead more balanced and fulfilling lives.

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