14 Things That Seem Increasingly Unappealing The Older You Get

As our population ages, those of us considered “older” often experience shifts in how we see the world and navigate life.

A question on Reddit asked: “What’s something that seems increasingly unappealing the older you get?” Can you guess the answers? There appears to be agreement on at least 14 things. Is anything missing from the list?

Check out the responses. Some of you younger folks might be surprised and think “no way,” but only time will tell!

Getting Dirty

Girls playing in mud.
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Sure, some of us take part in “mud runs”, but in general we aren’t fans of getting dirty the way we were as kids. Back then, playing and getting dirty was just an average day, and we didn’t;t even want to shower!

Taking Physical Risks

leg in cast.
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It was not surprising that the risk of injury was a common answer. The older we get, the more devastating an injury can be to long term health. We don’t heal as well, bones can be brittle, balance and strength aren’t what they used to be. 

“I remember being so fearless on skis, roller skates, skateboards and all the things when I was younger. Now I just think of how I could mess myself up. Having a keener sense of your own mortality sucks”.

Or how about how it can be a financial issue: “As someone from Europe I always wondered don’t Americans think about their medical bills and such before engaging in all sorts of crazy, stupid potentially life ruining activities like riding motorcycles without a helmet etc., stupid stuff I see Americans doing daily on the internet. Like if you get hurt seriously, but not die, you literally go bankrupt financially. Like if I get hurt the financial effect on that is not anywhere near on my mind, because even if it’s not completely free its basically “free” if that makes sense”.

Sleeping In Beds Away From Home

Tired. Exhausted. No sleep.
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Many simply love tucking into their own bed at night. In fact, it has been the focus of comedy routines: “ There was a great standup comedy bit I heard one time where someone said something to the effect of ‘I always thought it was weird adults didn’t have sleepovers when I was a kid, now I’m an adult and the concept of sleeping on my friends couch sounds worse than actual torture’.” We get it.

Pillows are important too: “We once stayed at the Marriott and I took my pillow there too. My pillow is very well travelled….but it’s been 10 years and it’s getting knobbly….I don’t know what I’ll do…. I’ll have to get a new one….but which one?! Help!!!!!!!!!”

Staying Up Late

Photo credit: Sebastian Ervi via Canva.

Some folks don’t like staying up late anymore. When we were a kid we felt like bedtime was an imposition put in place by the adults; now we look forward to it. In our own bed. With our own pillows LOL.

For those of us who grew up in the 70’s it was perfectly normal to meet up with friends at 10pm and hang out until 2 am. Bars didn’t close. Now… I won’t even answer the phone after 8 pm. If someone suggests meeting for dinner after 7 pm I’m like.. nahhhh.

“Something that seems increasingly unappealing the older you get is partying till the wee hours of the morning and waking up with a hangover. As you grow older, you realize that a good night’s rest and feeling fresh in the morning is much more important than a night of reckless abandon. So, my advice to you is to get to bed early and wake up feeling fresh like a morning dew.”

Crowded Social Environments

Photo credit: Zak Bentley via Canva.

Clubbing and parties and loud, packed bars used to be “fun” and sought out. Not anymore. Even weddings were slammed.

“We were at my wife’s nephew’s wedding this weekend. She said something that really stuck with me. ‘This is such a frat wedding’. And it was! Bride and groom are 22, 75% percent of the guests are that age, loud club music, college fight song with its own dance…just LOUD. 36 hours later and I’m still sluggish from staying up till midnight. Wowsers I am OLD”.


Tired senior woman at work.
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One Redditer had a one word answer: “work”. Curiously, no one else chimed in. 


Photo credit: cegoh via Canva.

One Redditer got to the point: “People. Why are there so many”.

“And where the heck are they all trying to get to, and why is it so important to get there… I think whenever I’m stuck in traffic”.

“Right?! They are EVERYWHERE! In line at the Post Office when I’m trying to get stuff done. On the highway driving like idiots when I’m late for work. At the grocery store with their loud kids when I just have to stop and get dog food. UGH it’s exhausting!”

This led to a discussion about over-population of the world. For us Baby Boomers and Gen-Xers there were less than half the people in the world when we were growing up. Half. Let that sink in.

Getting Drunk

drunk woman.
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For many youngsters, getting drunk is a goal. Then things change:  “I stopped getting drunk 6 years ago after I had a hangover and thought, “I’m too old for this.” I gave myself a three drink MAX limit after that day. I went from binge drinking on weekends to maybe a beer or two per month. But last month, I got drunk for the first time in forever. It took me three days to feel somewhat normal. I did not miss it. It’s not worth it”.

Uncomfortable Clothing

Black high heels.
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Speaking of clothing, when younger we are willing to wear painful high heels and fashion to look cool that might not feel so great. Not so as we get older: 

“Pants that comfortably fit is like winning the lottery. I found a pair that fit and I liked, so I bought several in varying colors. Of course none of them fit the same or was as comfortable as the original.”

“I used to love shopping. Super into it. Now I don’t want to spend my money on clothes. I just want to wear black v-necks and black jeans meaning I look like Ricky Gervais 99% of the time, but it’s a classic look! Any new clothes I get are basically Hanes and Amazon Essentials shirts.”

Here is a great tip: “Apparently our feet get bigger as we age. Less cushioning, tendons, weight, blablabla. If the shoes you’ve owned for years are now uncomfortable, like a converse you keep buying in ‘your’ size, the reason is likely that they’ve become ever so slightly too small.”

Sugar & Salt

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It was consensus that as kids we love sweet stuff, and as we get older, not so much.

“There’s just too much of it in everything, and I would enjoy it more if there was less sugar and more flavor”.

As far as salt is concerned, apparently our taste buds do change: “My parents smoked a good chunk of their lives and while they quit 20+ years ago, they still can’t taste and over salt everything”.

This one we couldn’t even fathom: “My very heavy smoker father salts frozen pizza”.

“New” Fashion

strange fashion.
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It seems as though as we age we have a different sense of style and what we want from clothing.

“I haven’t bought anything in a while, not because I’m poor but because I just don’t like anything I see. Plus clothes have become such poor quality, I rather just keep my old stuff.”

“Aside from some brief experimentation in apparel when I was a teenager I’ve always worn baggy pants and oversized shirts. growing up poor and having to grow into clothes turned into me just preferring the feel of super baggy clothing. This caused problems only 2 times: once when jumping a fence and again during the pandemic when I bought a black face mask to match 80% of my wardrobe and the lady at the gas station was sweating and waiting for me to pull out my gun. Ironically I do carry a gun, but usually not to rob gas stations.”

To which we ask, “usually”?

The Pursuit of Material Things & The Need For External Validation

crowded closet.
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EnlightenedMind1488 had this to say: “As I’ve grown older and wiser, I’ve come to realize that the pursuit of material possessions and the constant need for external validation have become increasingly unappealing to me. When we’re young, society bombards us with messages telling us that we need the latest gadgets, the trendiest clothes, and the flashiest cars to be happy and successful. But as we age, we start to recognize the emptiness of these pursuits.

Instead, what truly matters are the meaningful connections we forge with others, the experiences we accumulate, and the impact we have on the world around us. The older I get, the more I value authenticity, kindness, and personal growth over superficiality.”

To which someone responded: “I wish this comment can be made as a ted talk for young adults.”

Social Media, with Reddit an Exception

Reddit logo.
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Not all social media is created equal: “I don’t care what people say about Reddit. This is not the same thing as Facebook and Instagram at all. It’s more the evolution of forums. I’m anonymous on here talking to other anonymous strangers about stuff that interests me. I can tell you anything and it’s fine. No consequences. My 70 year old uncle doesn’t know about it now like he would if I said it on Facebook. Neither does my sister’s friend.”

“I deleted tiktok about 2 weeks ago and it’s genuinely like a huge weight is off of my shoulders. Tiktok really fed my depression and insecurity and was CONSTANTLY trying to sell me things… like not only are there ads but the actual creators that I liked all got #tiktokfamous and all their videos became sponsored as well when they inevitably sold out. It was just genuinely disappointing to see. Anyway, my point is I feel a lot better not being on that app anymore.”


Couple relaxing outside near pool.
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One commenter simply said, “sex”. Another thought it was “gross”; yet another said, “risky, too”. And jennhoff03 simply said: “it’s an awful lot of work”. Jenn, we have to find you someone great. 

Well if younger folks already find sex too much work or gross that population problem may have just found a solution!

This article was inspired by a thread on RedditSome comments have been edited for language.

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