26 Plant-Based Recipes For People Who Hate Vegetables

Plant-based diets are about incorporating all the incredible variety of foods from plant sources like fruits, veggies, legumes, nuts, seeds, and whole grains. Research shows that eating more plant-based foods compared to animal-based ones can do wonders for your heart, metabolism, and digestion in the long run. And the best part? You don’t have to go fully vegan or vegetarian to start reaping these benefits – every plant-based meal counts! Here is a roundup of 26 plant-based recipes that we have in rotation in our homes and even our pickiest eaters who say they hate vegetables love.

Sweet Potato Tacos with Black Beans

Photo credit: Dédé Wilson from FODMAP Everyday®.

Sweet Potato Tacos with Black Beans are a perfect plant-based dinner packed with flavor, texture and color! The drizzle of Avocado Lime Crema elevates this easy meal into Tex-Mex heaven. Get the recipe.

Roasted Gnocchi With Tomatoes

Photo credit: Dédé Wilson from FODMAP Everyday®.

Once you oven-roast prepared gnocchi you will never boil them again! This one-pan wonder will blow you away, with the juicy roasted tomatoes, fresh arugula and basil, along with gluten-free potato gnocchi. Get the recipe.

Tofu Bánh Mì

Photo credit: Ayten Salahi from FODMAP Everyday®.

This Bánh Mì sandwich features tofu, pickled veggies, lemongrass, ginger, cilantro, jalapeno, lime, and toasted sesame oil, for the perfect balance of sweet, salty, sour, freshness, and umamiGet the recipe.

If you are new to plant-based eating, check out our article What Is A Plant Based Diet? And Why Should I Care?

Roasted Pumpkin Quinoa Salad     

Photo credit: Dédé Wilson from FODMAP Everyday®.

Our Roasted Pumpkin Quinoa Salad is gorgeous enough for guests, hearty enough for a main dish at lunch, or add a small amount of roasted meat, chicken, fish or tofu for dinner. The quinoa is protein-packed, and easy to cook. Fresh herbs, nuts and fresh, juicy pomegranate seeds, crown this memorable salad. Get the recipe.

Za’atar Spiced Tofu Scramble

Photo credit: Ayten Salahi from FODMAP Everyday®.

This tofu scramble is boldly seasoned with za’atar, which is a comb of coriander, cumin, sesame seeds, sumac, thyme and hot peppers flakes, and makes a great breakfast or lunch, or even light dinner. Nutritional yeast adds a cheesy, umami flavor. Get the recipe.

Thai Curry Tofu with Green Beans

Photo credit: Dédé Wilson from FODMAP Everyday®.

Begin with browning drained, firm tofu with garlic-infused oil, add green beans, tomatoes, coconut milk and curry seasonings for a quick weeknight meal. We love it with white or brown rice, to sop up all the delicious sauce. Get the recipe.

Baja Tempeh Taco Salad

Photo credit: Ayten Salahi from FODMAP Everyday®.

Our plant-based  Baja Tempeh Taco Salad features spicy, seasoned protein-rich tempeh, as well as cumin, cayenne, smoked paprika and oregano, which are tempered with maple syrup and soy sauce. Fresh arugula, cilantro, as well as cabbage and crunchy pepitas add dimension, as does the flavor from nutritional yeast, crisp tortilla chips, and a tangy garlicky lime dressing. Get the recipe.

Root Vegetable Soup

Photo credit: Dédé Wilson from FODMAP Everyday®.

Potatoes, parsnips, and carrots puréed make a creamy soup, with no added dairy, which you won’t believe! It is that creamy and rich! Five minutes of prep and about 35 minutes of simmering and this soup is ready to serve. Get the recipe.

New Orleans Style Gumbo

Photo credit: Ayten Salahi from FODMAP Everyday®.

We have New Orleans Style Gumbo, but we have re-configured our recipe to be plant-based and tummy friendly, using jackfruit for a meaty texture, and butter beans for protein. You can add sausage, too, if you like, plant-based or otherwise. Serve with rice for a hearty meal. Get the recipe.

Banh Mi Tofu Bowl

Photo credit: Dédé Wilson from FODMAP Everyday®.

Low fat and protein packed, our Banh Mi Tofu Bowl is a colorful and flavorful combination of rice, tofu, quick pickled carrots and daikon radish, red cabbage, cilantro, with a drizzle of spicy mayo. Easy to make and perfect for plant-based eating. Get the recipe.

Kale Salad with Roasted Butternut Squash and Pomegranate

Photo credit: Dédé Wilson from FODMAP Everyday®.

This is the kale dish to serve to people who think they don’t like kale. We have converted many! Butternut squash roasted with garlic-infused oil and kale help create a bold salad, hearty enough for a main dish. Pomegranate seeds add color, juiciness and crunch. The mustardy vinaigrette brings it all together.  Get the recipe.

Loaded Kale Chips

Photo credit: Dédé Wilson from FODMAP Everyday®.

Kale chips are a great snack but can be quite pricey at the store. Our version is loaded with flavor, featuring nutritional yeast, garlic and onion powders, cayenne and chipotle – and is more economical. Get the recipe.

Roasted Chickpeas

Photo credit: Dédé Wilson from FODMAP Everyday®.

Roasting chickpeas creates a super crunchy snack that you can flavor in so many ways, sweet to savory. They are great to eat out-of-hand as well as sprinkled over salads, or on top of soup. We offer several flavor variations: BBQ, Sea Salt, Lemon Pepper, Chili Lime, Cinnamon Sugar, Garam Masala, Taco, Spicy Garlic, and Toasted Sesame. Get the recipe.

Vegetable Soup with Beans & Pasta

Photo credit: Dédé Wilson from FODMAP Everyday®.

Want a hearty plant-based soup that has tons of fiber and protein? Look no further than this soup with root vegetables, summer squash, leeks, kale, bok choy and more, vegetable broth, herbs and spices, pasta, and beans. Get the recipe.

Tofu Salad

Photo credit: Dédé Wilson from FODMAP Everyday®.

Once you freeze tofu and crumble it, the texture transforms. It becomes firmer, spongier, allowing it to soak up flavors and condiments. Even if you think you don’t like tofu, you should try this approach. Versatile, too. Serve on a plate with greens or as a sandwich filling. Get the recipe.

Pumpkin Cranberry Oat Breakfast Cookies

Photo credit: Dédé Wilson from FODMAP Everyday®.

Cookies for breakfast? Why not, especially when they are based on whole grain oats! These have pumpkin, pipits and dried cranberries, too. Get the recipe.

Soba Miso Soup

Photo credit: Dédé Wilson from FODMAP Everyday®.

This soup has it all: slurpy soba noodles, vegetable broth, tender crisp baby bok choy, meaty oyster mushrooms and jammy eggs. Miso adds umami, for rich, savory flavor. Get the recipe.

Vegan Kale Pesto

Photo credit: Dédé Wilson from FODMAP Everyday®.

Our Kale Pesto happens to be vegan – taking advantage of “cheesy” nutritional yeast. The recipe is comprised of made up of basil, hearty kale and flat-leaf parsley as well, which lends balance to the other two bold greens. Make a pesto pasta, or slather on a piece of fish or chicken. Get the recipe.

Avocado Green Goddess Veggie Sandwich

Photo credit: Dédé Wilson from FODMAP Everyday®.

Our Vegan Avocado Green Goddess Veggie Sandwich features sourdough bread layered with our Vegan Low Avocado Green Goddess Dressing, alfalfa sprouts,  cucumber, arugula and the option of vegan cheese. The recipe has non-vegan options, if you are looking for that. Get the recipe.

Cold Soba Salad with Greens

Photo credit: Dédé Wilson from FODMAP Everyday®.

Have you ever had soba cold? This cold salad features cool soba noodles with loads of greens, cucumbers, lime, soy, toasted sesame oil, and protein-rich tofu. Hearty, refreshing, colorful and different. Get the recipe.

Chickpea Salad

Photo credit: Dédé Wilson from FODMAP Everyday®.

Canned and drained chickpeas are a great fiber and protein choice. Here combined with carrots, cucumbers, scallions, parsley, mayonnaise, mustard, lemon juice and dill, they make a great salad that can be used as a sandwich filling, or served with greens on a plate. Get the recipe.

Zoodles, Noodles & Sprouts Salad

Photo credit: Dédé Wilson from FODMAP Everyday®.

Are you a zoodles (spiralized zucchini) fan? How about noodles? We decided to combine them, along with mung bean sprouts, carrots and protein-packed tofu. This salad that is hearty enough for a main dish, and packs well for lunch. Get the recipe.

Kale Quinoa Salad with Blueberries & Feta

Photo credit: Dédé Wilson from FODMAP Everyday®.

Kale Quinoa Salad with juicy blueberries, tangy feta and toasted pecans. We love this salad so much, Dédé served it at her wedding! Get the recipe.

Overnight Oats & Chia

Photo credit: Dédé Wilson from FODMAP Everyday®.

We love overnight oats, but we REALLY like this version with chia seeds for extra protein. Soaking oats and chia seeds together overnight, in your choice of alt milk, creates a fantastic base for all kinds of fruit, dried fruit, nuts and seed add-ins. High in fiber, iron, calcium, magnesium and zinc and the chia seeds are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids. This recipe will keep you satisfied for hours. Get the recipe.

Tempeh Lentil Chili with Butternut Squash

Photo credit: Dédé Wilson from FODMAP Everyday®.

Plant-based chili, protein packed with tempeh and lentils. Butternut squash adds hearty texture and sweetness, and the dish is seasoned generously with chipotle, smoked paprika and oregano. This recipe is vegan, but if you are so inclined and do eat cheese, this chili is fantastic topped with shredded sharp cheddar cheese. Get the recipe.

Asian Tofu Noodle Papaya Salad

Photo credit: Dédé Wilson from FODMAP Everyday®.

If you think a salad couldn’t possibly fill you up, take a look at this one! Long, slippery noodles provide carb satisfaction, tofu brings protein, ripe papaya is key and adds color, texture and sweet flavor. The dressing combines sambal oelek, fish sauce, ginger, soy sauce and lime. Flavor, color and textures abound! Get the recipe.

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