Don’t Throw That Away! 18 Surprising Recipes That Turn Food Scraps Into Gourmet Delights! 

Chances are you’re familiar with using carrots in your cooking, but what about their tops? Or what do you typically do with strawberry stems, fennel fronds, or broccoli stalks? We have 18 inventive recipes that utilize these often-discarded parts, promoting a zero-waste kitchen while enhancing both fun and flavor.

Chard Stalk Hummus

Photo credit: Kathy Hester.

Chard Stalk Hummus is a traditional Lebanese dish that resembles baba ghanoush in flavor and texture. This recipe uses chard stalks instead of chickpeas to make a rustic dip for raw vegetables and pita. You end up with a lighter texture, but all the same flavors as traditional hummus. You can even change the color of the hummus by using different colored Swiss chard stalks. Get the recipe for Chard Stalk Hummus.

Strawberry Stem-Infused Water

Photo credit: Sheri Silver.

Much like my other flavored waters from back in the day, this infused water was lightly flavored and nicely refreshing. And I felt super frugal too. Simply toss your (rinsed) strawberry tops in a jar of water, cover and let sit for about an hour. Get the recipe for Strawberry Stem-Infused Water.

Air Fryer Broccoli Fries

Photo credit: Evergreen Kitchen.

Don’t throw out your broccoli stalks! Turn leftover broccoli stems into fries instead. These delicious broccoli fries are coated in panko and seasonings for crunch. Cooking the broccoli in an air fryer makes these fries crispy, with barely any oil. (Vegan, Gluten Free option). Get the recipe for Air Fryer Broccoli Fries.

Vegan Kale Stem Pesto

Photo credit: Kathy Hester.

I’m amazed that there are so many recipes that use parts of veggies that I often toss in the compost. This pesto recipe uses kale stems as the main ingredient with some parsley, walnuts, and garlic. We also have a vegan kale pesto using the leaves, FYI. Get the recipe for Vegan Kale Stem Pesto.

Vegan Dandelion Honey

Photo credit: Vegan on Board.

Sweet, runny and blossomy, this dandelion honey is the perfect bee friendly vegan substitute for honey. If I hadn’t made it myself I wouldn’t believe it’s not honey, it tastes and feels like the real thing! Get the recipe.

Parmesan Roasted Broccoli Stalks

Photo credit: Shelley Fulton.

These Parmesan Roasted Broccoli Stalks disappear in a flash! They’re a terrific little snack, and also a perfect dinner side dish recipe. With just a couple of ingredients, they’re quick and easy, and they deliciously utilize a part of the vegetable that’s often otherwise discarded. Bonus: you get some really fun, random shapes, too – a lot of cute kid-allure to get your kiddos eating some more veggies! Get the recipe for Parmesan Roasted Broccoli Stalks.

How To Make Dried Tomato Powder

Photo credit: Iva Li.

We’ll show you how to put those tomato skins to use with this simple dried tomato powder seasoning recipe. Get the recipe for Dried Tomato Powder.

Carrot Top Pesto

Photo credit: Diana Shakhanbeh.

Easy, healthy, and tasty carrot top pesto sauce! Don’t throw away the carrot top greens, they’re edible! in fact, they’re very delicious. Try this super easy pesto recipe once, and you’ll make it every time you buy carrots with green tops. Get the recipe for Carrot Top Pesto.

Fresh Turnip Green Soup Recipe

Photo credit: Helene Dsouza.

Fresh turnip green soup with sausage is a healthy budget-friendly clear low carb soup. This southern soup is also known as swamp soup recipe. Get the recipe for Fresh Turnip Green Soup Recipe.

Orange Peel Tea Made At Home

Photo credit: Bianca Flükige.

This homemade orange peel tea recipe is the perfect way to reduce your food waste and drink something healthy on the way! With 3 simple ingredients this tea is made in no time! You can even customize it to make it the perfect tea! Get the recipe for Orange Peel Tea.

Best Garlic Scape Compound Butter with Lemon and Herbs

Photo credit: Tessa Hollmann.

This garlic scape compound butter with lemon and fresh herbs is the perfect way to enjoy the long-awaited scapes on just about everything. It is simple to make and loaded with flavor! An added bonus is that garlic scapes are often tolerated by people with digestive issues, and who cannot tolerate garlic, itself. Get the recipe for Best Garlic Scape Compound Butter with Lemon and Herbs.

Fennel Frond Pesto

Photo credit: Ann Krause.

A vibrant green pesto that screams summer, this fennel frond pesto has a bright, lemony anise flavor to add flavor to your life. It’s the perfect way to stash away the beauty and brilliant green-ness of summer so you can pull it out and remember summer’s bounty once the chill of winter is upon us. Get the recipe for Fennel Frond Pesto.

Vegetable Stock Powder

Photo credit: Heidi Kitty Kubart.

This DIY vegetable stock is in powder form (ergo a powdered vegetable stock), therefore it takes up little space and keeps forever. Plus it is made from leftovers and therefore costs exactly nothing. You can also customize it according to your wishes and needs. What you won’t find as an ingredient are sugar, additives, flavor enhancers, or glutamate – it’s all natural, healthy, vegan (vegetarian), organic (if you like), and gluten-free. Let me show you how easy and rewarding it is to make your own zero-food-waste vegetable stock powder from frozen scraps. Get the recipe for Vegetable Stock Powder.

Pear Simple Syrup

Pear simple syrup.
Photo credit: Bianca Flükige.

Use the whole pear, skin, seeds and all, to create a sweet syrup to drizzle over pancakes, oatmeal, and to sweeten drinks. Get the recipe.

Sugar-Free Candied Orange Peel

Photo credit: Pris Frank.

This super easy candied orange peel is a natural and healthy sweet snack recipe that only needs 2 ingredients! These candied orange peels are perfect to use as a baking ingredient and make a lovely gift as well. Instead of oranges you can use the peel of any citrus fruit to candy: lemons, limes, grapefruit, mandarins or pomelos! This recipe can be made sugar-free with natural sweeteners or with regular sugar. Get the recipe for Candied Orange Peel.

Leek Greens with Apples & Bacon

Photo credit: Beth Jacques Chen.

Did you know that you can eat leek greens?? No need to throw the greens in the trash! They are totally edible! And, if your tummy is not fond of onions, did you know that leek greens are often tolerated? Get the recipe for Leeks Greens with Apples and Bacon.

Spicy Potato Peel Crisps

Photo credit: Sophie Rosemary Collins.

Peeling potatoes for mash? Got a whole load of potatoes to go with your Sunday Roast? Don’t bin those skins, save the peels to make these spicy potato peel crisps. Get the recipe for Spicy Potato Peel Crisps.

Carrot Top Garden Veggie Burgers (Gluten-Free, Vegan, Allergy-Free)

Photo credit: Rebecca Pytell.

Taking full advantage of the fresh summer bounty, these healthy, moist, gluten-free, vegan garden veggie burgers will have you wishing summer stayed forever. No one will miss the meat and will be happily eating plant-based all season long! Get the recipe for Carrot Top Garden Veggie Burgers.

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