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Report Reveals How States Rank for Women’s Healthcare Quality

A new report by Soliant Health has shed light on the disparities in healthcare quality experienced by women across the United States. The findings reveal concerning trends, with women being more likely to receive misdiagnoses and report unsatisfactory or poor-quality care compared to their male counterparts

Misdiagnosis is Rampant

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According to the report, women made up a staggering 66.1% of the respondents who said they received a misdiagnosis in the last two years. Additionally, 63.5% of those who identified “receiving a misdiagnosis” as a concern when receiving care in 2024 were women. 

The Quality of Health Care is Unsatisfactory

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The disparity extends beyond misdiagnoses. Of the respondents who selected “receiving unsatisfactory or poor-quality care” as a concern for 2024, a significant 65.3% were women. In contrast, nearly a third (31.8%) of male respondents said they received a high level of care in the last two years, compared to only 21.9% of female respondents.

A Note on What This Study Reviewed – and what it didn’t

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Any study has a focus. This study looked at access to care, quality of care, patient and worker safety, health disparities, workforce challenges, to name a few topics. In general, the report reveals that both healthcare worker job satisfaction and patient satisfaction with services have declined in recent years.

We want to note that access to reproductive health care, which IS women’s healthcare, was not specifically targeted. We found it curious that Alabama, Idaho, Lousiana and North Dakota were states that received a positive ranking, while we know they also rank in the top 10 worst states to be pregnant in given their extreme restrictions on access to reproductive healthcare. Please see our article, Choosing Where To Be Pregnant: Which States Are Conducive To Safe Pregnancy. That article looks at access to maternal healthcare, abortion rights, maternal mortality rates, as well as factors such as access to contraception, post-pregnancy care, and parental leave. Alabama has ranked extremely poorly in other studies. You might also be interested in our article, Senate Bill To Protect IVF Blocked By Republican Objection.

State Rankings for Women’s Healthcare Quality

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The 2024 State of Healthcare Report also ranked states based on the quality of healthcare provided to women, considering factors such as patient satisfaction, quality of care, wait times, misdiagnosis prevalence, and access to affordable specialized care.

Top-Ranked States for Women’s Healthcare

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Here are the 10 states that were top-ranked for women’s healthcare.


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Vermont’s women reported the highest satisfaction with healthcare quality and the lowest rates of misdiagnosis and long wait times.


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Oregon excelled in providing affordable specialized care and minimizing misdiagnoses for women.

North Dakota

North Dakota.
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Women in North Dakota praised the state’s healthcare system for its quality and accessibility.

New Hampshire 

New Hampshire.
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New Hampshire’s women enjoyed short wait times and high-quality care.


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Alabama’s healthcare system received positive reviews from women for its affordability and quality.


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Idaho’s women reported excellent access to specialized care and low rates of misdiagnosis.


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Women in Louisiana commended the state’s healthcare system for its patient-centric approach.


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Connecticut’s women appreciated the state’s efforts in providing timely and high-quality care.

Lowest-Ranked States for Women’s Healthcare

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Of course, there are also the states that ranked poorly for women’s healthcare.


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Montana was at the very bottom of all due to poor quality care. It ranked poorly due to high rates of misdiagnosis, long wait times, and limited access to affordable specialized care for women. 


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Utah’s women reported dissatisfaction with the quality of care and struggled to access specialized services.

South Dakota

South Dakota.
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South Dakota’s healthcare system faced challenges in providing affordable specialized care for women.


Nevada. Las Vegas.
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Women in Nevada cited concerns about the quality of care and long wait times.


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Hawaii’s women experienced difficulties in accessing timely and affordable specialized care.


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Virginia’s healthcare system received criticism from women for its long wait times and quality of care.

West Virginia

West Virginia.
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West Virginia’s women reported issues with misdiagnosis and limited access to specialized care.


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Oklahoma’s healthcare system struggled to meet the needs of women, particularly in terms of quality and affordability.


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Women in Georgia expressed dissatisfaction with the state’s healthcare system, citing concerns about quality and accessibility.


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Indiana’s women faced challenges in accessing affordable specialized care and reported high rates of misdiagnosis.

Call for Improvement and Collaboration

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Soliant Health Senior Vice President Patrick Dotts emphasized the urgency of addressing these disparities and improving the healthcare system for women. “The 2024 State of Healthcare Report serves as a powerful reminder that the healthcare system is constantly evolving, and we must work together to address its challenges and harness its potential for improvement,” Dotts stated.

He further stressed the importance of listening to the perspectives of those on the frontlines of care: “By listening to the perspectives of those on the frontlines of care, we can better understand the issues at hand and develop targeted solutions to create lasting, positive change.”

The Takeaway

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The report’s findings underscore the need for collaborative efforts among healthcare professionals, policymakers, and patient advocates to address the disparities in healthcare quality experienced by women. Implementing targeted solutions and fostering open dialogue are crucial steps toward creating a more equitable and effective healthcare system for all.

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Women are facing a relentless assault in our nation, with the fundamental right to bodily autonomy hanging precariously in the balance. Increasingly, women are being stripped of their ability to choose whether or not they wish to carry a pregnancy to term, and vital healthcare services that could save lives are being withheld in an attempt to curtail women’s autonomy.

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