Sweet, Savory, and Everything in Between: 13 Cranberry Sauce Recipes for All Tastes!

Cranberry sauce isn’t just reserved for the holiday season – it’s a versatile delight that can be savored throughout the year. Whether your taste leans towards sweet or savory, spicy or citrusy, there’s a cranberry sauce recipe to suit every palate. We’ve gathered a selection of our favorites. And don’t wait for a holiday turkey! Try with a roasted weeknight chicken, store-bought rotisserie chicken, or use as a condiment on a sandwich!

Brown Sugar 5-Spice Cranberry Sauce

Brown Sugar 5-Spice Cranberry Sauce.
Photo credit Dédé Wilson.

Brown Sugar 5-Spice Cranberry Sauce is super-easy to make (dump, mix and cook) and features red wine and a 5-spice blend. The first time we made this we served it with duck and it was truly delicious. Great with turkey, and even weeknight chicken. Give it a try! Get the recipe.

Ginger Cranberry Sauce with Tangerines

Ginger Cranberry Sauce with Tangerines.
Photo credit Dédé Wilson.

Zesty citrus and ginger add a refreshing twist. Get the recipe.

Raw Cranberry Citrus Cardamom Relish

raw cranberry relish.
Photo credit Dédé Wilson.

This is a spiced Raw Cranberry Citrus Cardamom Relish made with fresh cranberries, orange zest and pulp, pineapple and honey and spiced with cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and cloves. It makes a great compliment to cooked cranberry sauces (why not have two?) and we love it with poultry and pork, especially. Get the recipe.

Spiced Citrus Cranberry Sauce

Spiced Citrus Cranberry Sauce.
Photo credit Dédé Wilson.

The addition of a cinnamon stick and orange zest create a cozy, comforting sauce.  Get the recipe.

Cranberry Horseradish Sauce

horseradish cranberry sauce.
Photo credit Dédé Wilson.

Prepared horseradish lends a savory tang to this cranberry sauce. In less than 10 minutes you will have a world-class condiment. Serve with turkey, chicken, or use as a spread on a sandwich! Get the recipe.

Cranberry Salsa

Photo credit Dédé Wilson.

Fresh and vibrant salsa with cranberries, jalapeno, and cilantro. We know this sounds odd, but we implore you try it. Every time we have made it, folks ask for the recipe. Get the recipe.

Savory Cranberry Sauce

savory cranberry sauce.
Photo credit Dédé Wilson.

This Savory Cranberry Sauce uses classic holiday herbs like sage, rosemary and thyme in addition to sugar and balsamic vinegar to create a less sweet condiment that works perfectly alongside holiday turkeys, pork roasts, roast beef – even weeknight chicken! Get the recipe.

4-Ingredient Cranberry Sauce with Orange Marmalade

4-Ingredient Cranberry Sauce with Orange Marmalade.
Photo credit Dédé Wilson.

Chunky, textured sauce bursting with cranberry goodness. Purchased orange marmalade provides sweetening, texture and flavor. Combined with cranberries and a cinnamon stick and this just might be our easiest cranberry sauce ever! Get the recipe.

Crock Pot Cranberry Sauce

Photo credit: The Gracious Pantry.

This crockpot cranberry sauce practically makes itself! Dump, cook and it’s ready to eat!. Get the recipe.

Instant Pot Cranberry Sauce

Photo credit: Corrie Cooks.

You can make cranberry sauce in an Instant Pot quickly and easily! Seven Minutes and 3 ingredients! Get the recipe.

Cranberry Pomegranate Sauce

Photo credit: Karen Kelly.

This Easy Cranberry Pomegranate Sauce is so simple and tasty, it will become the star of your Thanksgiving meal – but try it with weeknight chicken, too. Or meatloaf! Get the recipe.

Cranberry Relish

Photo credit: Karen Kelly.

It’s hard to believe how easy this Cranberry Relish is to make! It’s made with three simple ingredients; fresh cranberries, blood oranges and coconut sugar. Get the recipe.

Spiked Pineapple Bourbon Cranberry Sauce

Photo credit: xoxoBella.

Infused with the warmth and smokiness of bourbon, perfect for adult gatherings. Get the recipe.

With this assortment of irresistible cranberry sauce recipes, you can enjoy the delicious taste of cranberries all year long. Which one will you try first?

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