18 Phrases We Would Never Have Said In the ’80s

Here are 18 things people typically wouldn’t have said in the 1980s, reflecting how technology and culture have evolved since then. Have we advanced as a culture? The jury is out for some of these.

“Just screenshot it and send it to me.”

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Screenshots didn’t exist as personal computers rarely had graphical interfaces in the early ’80s.

“I’ll Uber to your place.”

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Uber and similar ride-sharing services did not exist; taxis were the primary option for hired rides.

“Let’s stream a movie tonight.”

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Streaming services were non-existent; movies were watched on VHS tapes or cable.

“I need to charge my book.”

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E-books and e-readers like Kindle, which require charging, did not exist; physical books were the norm.

“Hold on, I’m getting a FaceTime call.”

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Video calling, especially on personal devices like smartphones, was not available; traditional landline calls were the standard.

“I can’t go out, I’m binge-watching a series.”

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Binge-watching is a new phenomenon made popular by streaming platforms, which were not around in the ’80s.

“Check in on Facebook when you get there.”

Facebook messenger.
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Facebook, and the concept of digital check-ins, were decades away from being developed.

“I’ll just order our groceries online.”

Online grocery shopping.
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Online shopping was not feasible until the internet became widely accessible in the late ’90s and beyond.

“Did you see her latest post on Instagram?”

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Instagram, and other social media platforms, were not around; sharing photos was done physically.

“I’ll send you the location pin.”

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GPS technology was not available for public use, and digital maps like those on smartphones didn’t exist.

“Let’s watch the tutorial on YouTube.”

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YouTube and similar video platforms were not around; learning usually involved books or in-person classes.

“I need to back up my data to the cloud.”

Cloud backup.
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Cloud storage was not an option; data was backed up on physical storage like floppy disks.

“I lost my phone.”

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Mobile phones were not commonly owned; losing one’s landline phone would be unusual and impractical.

“Download the app for that.”

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Apps, as we know them on smartphones and tablets, didn’t exist; software was often run from disks.

“My Fitbit says I need more steps today.”

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Wearable technology such as fitness trackers were not in existence; health monitoring was not digitally tracked.

“Tweet me.”

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Twitter, and the concept of tweeting, was not around; communication was done through phone calls, letters, or face-to-face.

“I’m listening to a podcast.”

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Podcasts didn’t exist; radio shows were the closest equivalent.

“Let’s Zoom later.”

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Zoom and other video calling services were not available; video calls were a thing of science fiction.

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