Think You’ve Grown? Check If These 18 Adult Favorites Were Your Kid Nightmares!

Isn’t it fascinating how our perspectives shift over time? While there are things we adored as kids that don’t hold the same charm now, the reverse is also true. Here are 18 things we couldn’t stand as children, but now embrace as adults. How many resonate with you? We must confess, we have a soft spot for naps…


man napping with dog
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Ah, naps—the epitome of childhood resistance. Back then, we feared missing out on even a single moment of the day. But as adults, if only we could steal away for a quick 30-minute respite!

Baths and Showers

Taking a shower.
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Remember being told to take a bath or shower as a kid? It felt like a chore, almost as if the water were toxic. Yet, oddly enough, we loved swimming. Kids can be quite perplexing.

Staying Home

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In our youth, the idea of staying home seemed utterly dull. We yearned to venture out and explore. But now, amidst our bustling lives, staying home is a rare luxury we cherish.


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Ah, mushrooms—the divisive ingredient. Many kids cite their “icky” texture as the reason for disdain, yet they’d happily handle a snake or a snail. Go figure. Check out our recipe for easy Marinated Mushrooms.


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Olives fall into that category of foods some kids learn to love while others never quite acquire the taste for. Salty, tangy, and briny—if you’re a fan, you’re a fan. Have you tried our Chicken with Artichokes & Olives dish yet?


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While not all kids detest vegetables, enough do to make it a common cliché. Yet, as adults, we willingly pay a premium for dishes featuring asparagus or grilled vegetables at restaurants. Give our Grilled Vegetables recipe a try—your kids might even approve!


Coffee art.
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Coffee, once deemed bitter and repulsive, eventually becomes a morning ritual we can’t live without. Why not whip up a homemade Frappuccino? You can even add a splash of vodka, if you’re feeling adventurous.

Girls & Boys

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Regardless of gender or sexual orientation, many of us recall suppressing feelings of attraction during childhood, pretending indifference to what truly intrigued us. Kids really do operate in mysterious ways.

Taking Cough Medicine

Kid recoiling from taking cough medicine.
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Well this isn’t really a “favorite” thing that adults do, but we know relief is coming if we take our medicine. That said, we can remember being given cough syrup at a child, and it felt like the most disgusting and horrible thing IN THE WORLD!


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Children crave constant activity—playdates, outings, movies. But as adults, we yearn for moments of solitude, relishing in the tranquility it brings.


applying sunscreen on child.
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We bet most of you remember a parent slathering you with sunscreen, and how much we hated it. It took us away from beach playtime; the sand stuck to it. YUCK! Now we know it is necessary for skin safety.

Clothing Shopping

Man and woman shopping.
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Oh, how we loathed being dragged along on clothes shopping trips as kids. It felt tedious and obligatory. But now, with the freedom to choose our own attire, shopping can be a delightfully indulgent experience.

Horror Movies

shocked couple watching horror movie.
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As children, horror movies were the stuff of nightmares—too terrifying to contemplate. But as adults, we relish the exhilarating thrill they provide.


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Ah, bedtime—a concept we resisted as children but now eagerly anticipate as weary adults. What were some of your go-to excuses for staying up past your bedtime?

Practical Gifts

woman making smoothie in blender.
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As a child, any kind of practical gift didn’t feel like a gift at all. Now, as adults, a fancy new blender or vacuum would be quite welcomed! Green Smoothie, anyone?


Church pews.
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As kids we were taken to church or other weekly (daily?) service and often dreaded it. Many folks told us they never understood what was going on, and they were bored. It just felt like an “adult” thing that they had no interest in. Now as adults, we can choose our approach to religion and spirituality, and it can be a welcomed respite that enriches our lives.

Brushing Teeth

kid brushing teeth.
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This appears to be common and looking back seems so funny. Why do kids hate brushing their teeth? For some younger children, the act of standing in place for two minutes to brush their teeth might feel like an eternity. Other kids might have sensory issues and the smell, taste, or texture of toothpaste. As adults we know the importance of dental hygiene, and even enjoy the feeling of freshly cleaned teeth


sad girl at gym.
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And, our final entry is “gym”, or rather “recess”. So many of us have trauma from recess as kids – remember dodgeball? Or how the cool kids gathered together, perhaps without you? Now, we love going to the gym. It’s time away from work and we love the endorphins. Times change.

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