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20 Things My 50 Year Old Self Would Tell My 30 Year Old Self 

As we navigate through life’s ever-twisting paths, the perspective gained from experience is invaluable. Imagine being able to sit down with your future self and soak up wisdom that could change the course of your life? What would your 50-year-old self, seasoned with two extra decades of living, learning, and growing, advise you at 30? Here are 20 pearls of wisdom that your older, perhaps wiser self, might share to guide you through the complexities of personal development, career choices, relationships, and life decisions. 

Whether it’s about embracing change, investing in your health, or cultivating meaningful connections, these insights are timeless reminders that the best approach to life is often a blend of courage, patience, and perspective.

1. Do Things For The Right Reasons

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Prioritize your motivations and make sure you’re doing things because you want to, not just because you feel obligated.

2. You Don’t Only Live Once

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Embrace the idea that you have multiple opportunities to try new things and live different lives within your lifetime.

3. Cherish The People You Love

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Appreciate the time you have with loved ones, as life can be unpredictable, and people can be taken from you at any time.

4. Friends Come And Go, And That’s Okay

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Recognize that friendships can be ephemeral, but they can still have a profound impact on your life.

5. Everyone Is Interesting

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Approach people with an open mind and a willingness to learn from their experiences.

6. Don’t Assume Malice

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Give people the benefit of the doubt and try to understand their motivations before jumping to conclusions.

7. Find Beauty In The Little Things

Enjoy the little things.
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Learn to appreciate the small joys in life and don’t get too caught up in the pursuit of grand accomplishments.

8. Don’t Waste Time Wishing You Had Someone Else’s Life

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Focus on your own path and don’t compare yourself to others; be your authentic self.

9. Happiness Dips Between 35-60, But Then Improves

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Be prepared for a potential decline in happiness during middle age but know that it can increase again later in life. Read: What Boomers Want Younger People To Know Gets Better With Age

10. Fading Health Can Impact Happiness

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Take care of your physical and mental health, as it can significantly affect your overall well-being. READ: 25 Essential Habits For A Healthier And Happier Life

11. Not Having Kids Can Be A Source Of Regret

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Consider your choices regarding parenthood and be aware that some people may regret not having children. You may also decide that not having kids is the right choice for you – just make sure you have thought beyond the moment – READ: Why Not Having Kids Is Something You Should Seriously Think About

12. Spending Too Little Time With Parents Can Lead To Regret

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Make an effort to spend quality time with your parents while you can.

13. Trying To Live Up To Others’ Expectations Can Be A Regret

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Be true to yourself and don’t sacrifice your own desires for the sake of others. Build your self-esteem so you make decisions from a place of self-love and care. READ: As You Age Your Self-Esteem Should Rise: Are You On Track?

14. Not Being More Present Can Be A Regret

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Make an effort to be present in the moment and not get too caught up in distractions.

15. Not Standing Up For Yourself Can Be A Regret

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Develop assertiveness and learn to stand up for yourself, even if it takes time.

16. Setting Aside Passions Can Lead To Regret

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Pursue your passions, even if it’s not your primary career path.

17. Hiding Your True Personality Can Lead To Regret

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Be authentic and don’t hide parts of yourself to fit in with others.

18. Not Getting To Know Yourself Can Lead To Regret

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Take the time to understand your emotions, experiences, and behaviors to create a more fulfilling life.

19. Discussing End-Of-Life Care Preferences Is Important

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Consider having open discussions about your end-of-life care preferences with care professionals and loved ones.

20. Embracing A “Living For Today” Approach Can Bring Comfort

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Focus on the present and find comfort in accepting the inevitability of death. READ: 3 Simple Somatic Movements You Can Do To Calm Your Nervous System

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